About Us

360 Solutions Provides the need of its partners to use an external source to run human resources departments (Outsourcing) with the latest technologies and administrative methods, giving its partners a wide opportunity to overcome the existing challenges in managing human resources. As a multiple problems of their employees, and to avoid penalties and fines as a result of lack of familiarity with labor regulations to become an integrated human resources management at the lowest cost

What we introduce?

360 SOLUTIONS meets its partners' needs by getting assistance from a highly qualified and professional external source to smoothly overcome the existing challenges in the supporting sectors and particularly their human resources. For instance, solving the different problems of their employees, avoiding penalties and fines resulted from their insufficient knowledge of labor regulations and laws, and other various obstacles that limit the aspirations of its partners to use their resources in more effective ways, focus their energies in achieving their strategic goals, and enhance the efficiency of their financial spending by saving a large number of self-operating costs for their human resources. These obstacles impede their professional cadres' stability, limit the development of their skills, increase their production, and dispel the atmosphere of attractive competitive incentives.


Our partners and their employees are the focus of our attention. We have harnessed our advanced capabilities and long experience to fulfill our mutual aspirations in improving work quality and style, and to develop our economy and community.


To be the first leading company in the Kingdom and the Arab Gulf in operating human resources management, providing advisory and support services at the highest international standards.


Towards our partners: commitment - quality - innovation - honesty - integrity
Towards our employees: creativity - flexibility - accuracy - motivation - one team

Team Work

Mansour ALZaagi


Mohammad Alzaaki

Marketing and Sales

Running HR Operations

Wejdan AlSaab

Running HR Operations

Shadan Alameer

Running HR Operations

Bashaer Alghoraibi

Running HR Operations

Hind Alzhrani

Running HR Operations

Abrar Alotaibi

Running HR Operations



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