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About 360 Solutions for Human Resources

About 360 Solutions

A Saudi team operates human resource departments through Outsourcing according to the latest procedures and policies in the field of human resources. This is done through an annual contract to grant our partners the ability to work professionally in managing human resources. This helps to avoid penalties and fines using our experience and knowledge of labor laws. Human resource management becomes strategic and operates at the lowest cost.

Providing services at the highest quality standards and the latest international practices is one of our main principles. Supporting our clients throughout our journey is one of our most important duties. Our recommendations are integrated and accompanied by detailed plans, reports, and indicators according to the customer’s desire. One of our main commitments is knowledge transfer and enabling the executive management and our team to follow up on the business, understand the solutions, apply and adapt them, and benefit from them.

360 Solutions features

Long-standing experience exceeding 24 years in human resources management.

360 Solutions provides modern and technology-based outsourcing services for human resources management. Our partners can rely on us to handle their yearly outsourcing needs effectively and within legal requirements. Our solution helps prevent penalties and employee-related problems, providing a clear HR strategy while minimizing costs.


We create effective solutions for partners to enhance service quality and reduce costs.

Saudi team

Our team is competent and experienced in HR.


"Inclusivity in service delivery: Providing a comprehensive package of additional services."

Our vision

Our goal is to lead HR operations and consulting in the Kingdom and Gulf region to global standards

Our mission

We prioritize our partners and their employees and use our expertise to promote work quality, methods, and economic and societal development.

Our strategy

360 Solutions transforms your HR management to strategic level with top data security standards

Our values

- Effective communication
- Professionalism
- Loyalty and commitment
- Initiative and innovation
- One team

concept of Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a professional business practice where tasks, operations, or services are contracted to an external company, either on-site or off-site.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Efficiency and time-saving

Delegate low-priority tasks and focus on key issues at work with this strategy. It ensures quick access to a ready team with necessary resources.

best talents

"When an partner is authorized, the unique talents belonging to 360 Solutions company become fully available to the contracted company."

Reduce costs

Outsourcing helps cut costs, improves efficiency and leads to strategic focus for 60% of firms.

Short-term commitments.

Expert specialists can be hired on a contract basis to offer their expertise to large companies for a limited time.

Do you need advice related to Human Resources?

Need HR consultation? Share your challenges with us for specialized advice and support. Our team offers comprehensive solutions to tackle your HR issues.”

Our Team

Get to know our skilled team

Our team excels at managing human resources to improve employee performance in response to market challenges

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Mansour Al Zaaki


Mohammed Al Zaaki

Marketing and Sales Manager


Khalid Al-Soufan

Business Partners Manager

Wajdan Al-Saab

Business Partner Manager

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