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Welcome to 360 Solutions

Managing HR has become easier with us

Pioneers in transforming human resources with the latest technologies and administrative methods, giving these sectors a wide opportunity to use their resources in more effective ways and focus their energies on growth, expansion, and increased production.

Why 360 Solutions ?

We apply outsourcing practices, managing tasks, operations, and services professionally on an annual contract. This can be on-site or off-site, ensuring high professionalism at the lowest costs. Positives include:


Committed to sustainable quality, value for partners, and increased operational efficiency through a partnership approach with clients

Competitive prices

Attaining financial efficiency by securing the best services at the highest quality levels with minimal costs

Vision 2030

Our commitment to actively contribute to achieving the goals of Vision 2030 in collaboration with our clients

concept of Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a professional business practice where tasks, operations, or services are contracted to an external company, either on-site or off-site.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Efficiency and time-saving

Delegate low-priority tasks and focus on key issues at work with this strategy. It ensures quick access to a ready team with necessary resources.

best talents

"When an partner is authorized, the unique talents belonging to 360 Solutions company become fully available to the contracted company."

Reduce costs

Outsourcing helps cut costs, improves efficiency and leads to strategic focus for 60% of firms.

Short-term commitments.

Expert specialists can be hired on a contract basis to offer their expertise to large companies for a limited time.

Get to know our services

We provide the best services to you with the highest efficiency

360 Solutions helps you transform HR management in your company from an executive function to a strategic one in line with the highest knowledge and execution levels globally recognized in the field of human resources.

Developing infrastructure for HR

Developing infrastructure for HR

- Organizational structure
- Job grading structure
- Internal human resources policy
- Authorities related to HR procedures

Automated self-service

Automated self-service

- Leave management system
- Over 100 electronic forms
- Automated attendance system
- Managing multiple companies

Salary and compensation management.

Salary and compensation management.

- Monthly payroll processing
- Displaying pay stubs to employees
- End of service pay
- Personal loan administration
- insurance documents

Data and employee contracts management

Data and employee contracts management

- Reports on all employee data
- Reports on all workforce costs
- Saudi contracts documentation
- Non-Saudi contracts documentation
- Utilizing the Human Resources Fund

Additional services

Additional services

- Searching for qualified workforce
- Providing training opportunities
- Developing the work environment
- Human resources consulting
- Coordinating with foreign agencies

Our way of doing things

Simple Steps to Ensure the Success of Your Business

Choose a package

Choose a package or customize one to fit your needs.


We offer a free service to review the challenges you face and provide a suitable quote that fits the size of your institution

Manage your business

Focus on the success of your business and leave the task of managing human resources to us on your behalf

Our exclusive packages

Each package is customized specifically for your needs

These packages are carefully designed to effectively meet the needs of your work team, ensuring improved employee performance and overall company success




Do you need more customized packages?

Design your packages according to your needs, or choose the package that suits you from a range of different options.

Browse them all here

Our Achievements

Some of Our Accomplishments

We proudly hold a long list of accomplished achievements that reflect our dedication and determination. One of our main principles is to provide our services with the highest quality standards and according to the latest best global practices. 

We believe that supporting our customers throughout their journey is one of our most important responsibilities, according to their preferences, and our recommendations will be integrated with detailed plans, reports and indicators.

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Partners in Success

Partners of success form an integral part of the journey towards peak performance for 360 solutions

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