Are your employees’ contracts inconsistent with the work system, and do you have labor issues?

360 SOLUTIONS provides you with :

– Various contracts and legal agreements compatible with the Saudi labor system contribute to the optimum benefit from employee services.

– Specialized job offers and professional electronic contracts.

– A consultant and legal team specialized in labor regulations and their issues.

– Proactive solutions that reduce labor issues to prevent penalties and violations.


Do you manage your organization’s relationships with government agencies efficiently?

360 SOLUTIONS helps you:

– Manage Absher Account (Business).

– Manage the Ministry of Labor account.

– Manage the social insurance account.

– Benefit from the Human Resources Fund – goal.

– Coordinate energies.

What are our extra services?

360 SOLUTIONS offers you:

– Looking for a qualified /targeted workforce.

– Announcing jobs, receiving resumes, and classifying them.

– Arranging and preparing personal interviews.

– Managing employment sites and accounts.

– Coordinating with foreign employment offices.

– Providing training opportunities for new or on-the-job employees.



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